Friday, 26 November 2010

Railway Modelling- Naming the Stations

It appears that when you build a model railway layout you have to give the places on it names.

My layout now has two stations, so I have decided to call them Nittingham Central and Woollen Halt. These are mainly Midland Region but may get occasional visitors from other regions, usually with football specials. The names are derived from the other use of the bedroom which is the storeroom for ‘Glytknits’ (Soft scarves and knitted goods) that Glynis has started to make to sell at local flea markets.

Station 2 only has access to platform 2 at the moment and Station 1 has no access at all until I construct an underpass to the planned car park.

The bridge at Station 2 is based on a Scalescenes bridge that did not fit, so it is now heavily cut about and modified for this location. Any amateurism in the build is due to the fact I am a complete novice at kit building and have never tried scratch building before.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Track testing on the model railway

I have now constructed a few more items and had added some ballast in places, so I am running a train round to ensure it does not hit anything or fall off. The scalescenes bridge did not fit, I have told them and they have refunded my money and added a note on the site about where it will and won't fit. I have decided to modify my bridge to make it an access point to a station. The video will show some of these changes.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Model railway buildings.

As the model is looking rather bare I have started to build a few buildings for it. The source of these is a web site called ( where you can buy the plans to make your own kits. The two I have started with are free, but they also sell the plans at reasonable prices, and once downloaded you can use the plans as often as you like on your model.

The kit above is a Waiting Room/Shelter, and the unfinished one below is a low relief warehouse. Click on pictures to see a bigger version.