Sunday, 17 April 2011

More scenery

I bought a Townscenes backdrop at the Model Rail Exhibition, but it did not cover the whole area so a couple of Peco Backdrops were purchased yesterday and they are all now in place.

As usual, You can click on Images to see larger version.

Next project is to ballast a bit more track using a ballast layer purchased at Alexandra Palace.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

More buildings

I note I haven't posted here for a while, that's because I have been doing other things, including a trip to the Model Railway Exhibition at Alexander Palace last month. I took a few photos of layouts to give me some ideas for my own layout.

I have now finished building most of the kits I had for Christmas and today put them on the layout. Next step will be to add a background, which I bought at Alex Palace.

I remember that one reason I moved to Devon was due to the untimely death of a friend, Rod Brown, which encouraged me to retire early to enjoy life while I still can. In memory of Rod the shops include "Rodney the Barber" and "Browns Bakery".

Click on pics to see larger versions.