Friday, 27 July 2018

I have started so now I have to continue.

There are two objectives, firstly to improve access to rear of layout so I can construct a backscene easier, and secondly to make the continuous running lines longer using the whole 8 foot length of the room.

Still quite a bit to do, I have to start cutting the board next.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Time to go

After much deliberation I have decided that this version of the railway has to go. I kept the original 6 x 4 board when I moved to this house and added the extensions on the end, however I have now decided that the running loops are too small and should fill the whole 8 feet that are now available. I have also decided that the two access holes that let me get to rear of layout are too small to be really practical for regular use, so I would like to leave a bigger working area in the middle. So I have started removing loose items from the layout before I attempt to split it at the joint in the middle, so I will end up with two 4 x 3 sections, one of which I will rebuild. The extension piece will have to go to make room for this and then be rebuild as required. I don't have a firm plan, a lot will decide on what comes apart easiest. This could take some time so watch this space.