Wednesday, 29 December 2010

A New Item for layout.

For Christmas I received a Diesel Multiple Unit of the type that was around when I was watching trains as a boy. I have decided that to the best of my ability I will set the scene around 1960 on this model. Steam is still around in large numbers but DMUs are also in use. The video shows both in this clip with a general view of the 6 x 4 layout. I also received a number of Metcalfe and other model kits for Christmas and my birthday, so these are being constructed and should appear here soon.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Model railway operations

Just to give me a break from model building I thought I'd run a few trains. I suppose I'll need a timetable soon. The double arch bridge is based on a Whiskas cat food box but is now covered in a mixture of bricks including some from a scalescenes kit that didn't quite fit without an extension piece in the middle. What started of as a rural scene covered in grass is gradually being covered with various items.