Saturday, 9 July 2011

Model Rail Operations (without cat)

I need to work out a way of keeping the camera steadier, but this gives you some idea of what the layout looks like now.

Model Rail Operations (with cat)

Some model rail operations, with slight interference from Morgan the cat.

The Stations get their nameboards

The terminal Station in the middle of the Board gets a nameplate and Platform No.s made from a Scalescenes names kit pasted onto a bit of card and supported on Matchsticks. It looks ok to me. A few seats, lights and passengers have been attached so they can be left in situ when I fold the board up against the wall. (I have yet to test this - they may all fall off!) The lights will be functional when I get round to wiring them under the baseboard to a 12v supply.

The second Station, which has three platforms and is on the main line is Knittingham, more labels have yet to be made for this Station. The buildings are Scalescenes kits and the platforms are made from a Metcalf Kit. I need to stick them down a bit more as gaps can be seen between building and platform. The third picture, below shows also the new Signal Box (Metcalfe) at Knittingham Station.

You may note that i have put off the Ballasting of the track as that is the boring and tricky bit. I will do some soon!