Saturday, 22 February 2014

As I am trying to move house I thought I'd list the good and bad points on my current layout in the hope of eliminating the bad ones on my next model.

Good points on the current model

• Plenty of lines to run trains on

• Continuous run for two trains at once, (or three with care)

• Manual control of some points by wire to front of layout (Saves buying and fitting point motors)

• Manual uncouplers using cork and nails from under baseboard.

• Several items can remain on layout when it is folded away

Bad Points

• Ballasting - difficult especially near points and at back of layout.

• Access to back of layout

• No out of site sidings for storing spare trains

• Random wiring under board.

• Electric uncoupler fouls underside of engine.

• Layout has to be folded away most of the time.

• Everything tall has to be taken off before it can be folded away.

All I need now is for someone to buy my house so I can buy a different house with room for a permanent layout.