Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Adding a bit more platform to the station

The second kit I got for Christmas was a wall backed platform extension for the main line station. Takes quite a bit of effort to build due to all the small parts but I have now finished it and fixed it to the main building. Here it is sitting on the layout, but not in it's final position. Remember you can click on the picture to see a larger version.

The next step is to build a bit more on the ends which will slope down to rail level.

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Building the railway station, with help from Morgan

The railway station with the missing part (which Metcalfe replaced very quickly) took quite a while to build. I even had some assistance at one stage from our cat, Morgan. You dohave to follow the instructions closely. I missed one and now there is a part missing, but fortunately it is inside the building and isn't critical as it doesn't show from outside.

It does look quite good now it is finished but it required a lot of delicate work around the platform canopy, whch cannot be rushed. Here is the front (street side of the building with and without it's canopy.

The station platform has a roof but one of the panels has gone missing somewhere in the house (I blame the cat) so I've constructed a temporary one which can be replaced if the real part turns up. Here is the platform side, with and without the roof.

I just need to build some additional platform each side now to create a sensible length of station for the layout.

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Happy New Year - and good service from Metcalfe

Happy New Year to any readers I still have. I did get a couple of kits for Christmas which I will build soon, but when I opened one of them and checked the contents against the list I did find a problem. (I rarely check the contents, I normally just start constructing, so I am not quite sure why I did so on this occasion, but I'm glad I did).

I should have a sheet A, B, C and D, but instead there are two sheet D in the kit and no Sheet B. I emailed Metcalfe, including the picture above and got a reply as soon as they opened after weekend. They apologised and stated they would send replacement part.

This arrived this morning (Tuesday) by first class post so I can now get on with the construction. I thought this was good service.