Friday, 20 January 2017

The Corner Shop.

Most of my previous housing projects have been low profile for use against a backdrop, but I picked this corner shop kit up for only three pounds at a recent train fair so I thought i'd give it a try. I have a corner in the village where it can go and here it is in built and on the layout, although I still have to add the chimney pots. Apologies for picture quality, they were taken with the Iphone, not the normal camera.

The picture below is a composite, not very well merged, but it shows the village on a dull day.


Decided to try my hand with Metcalfe Benches. Haven't tried these before but they were fairly easy to assemble, you do need tweezers to hold them with or you will get covered in glue.
Here they are in Situ at Knittingham Station.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Second hand Bargains from the Train Fair.

Had a quick trip to Newton Abbot Toy and Train Fair last Sunday, they have one every two months or so and there are lots of Sellers/Dealers there, mostly trains and railway stuff.

I tend to go around first to see what is on offer and check the prices before deciding if there is anything I want and who is offering it at the best price. Prices can vary quite a bit fron one dealer to another, but you can always make an offer and see how much they want to sell.

I did that on Sunday and got four coal wagons, three with good loads, for £10, they were on offer at £3 each with is about the best price you can get for second hand trucks. Just had to check that they had all the bits and that the wheels run freely, and then find the cash. I also saw a singe matching truck in a box for £2.99 so I had that as well and a Diesel Shunter for £12 which runs, but I will have to convert it to DCC first for my Layout.

I still have to construct the Terraced corner shop I bought at the last fair, so I have been quite please with my last two visits.