Tuesday, 18 January 2011

An updated view of the Model Railway

The model is starting to look more crowded now, the new DMU waiting at platform 1 of Woollen Central is an excursion to Stratford on Avon. The local passenger train in the foreground is waiting for departure time at platform 3 of Woollen Halt.

A closer look may reveal that the signal boxes are incomplete, these are old boxes and will be replaced, when I get round to it. Other projects for the future include adding a Turntable and building more houses and shops from Kits I receieved at Christmas. I also have a bike shed to site somewhere on the layout, I may put this near the engine shed. Drivers often had to get to work at odd hours when no public transport was available.

The Railway Hotel

Another birthday present, the railway hotel was a superquick kit. (Thanks Mary and John). It was neither super nor quick, and I got some glue on myself while constructing it, but it looks good now it's build. The instructions and parts are not so clearly labelled as on Metcalfe kits and it uses a thinner card, but the different look helps the layout to look as if it has been constructed over a period of time by different builders. I must try harder with the photographs, as getting the lighting right is tricky. It isn't in its final location as I cannot quite reach the back of the layout at present. It will have to be added and removed each time I put the layout up against the wall, but I now have storage space in the room where the layout is. Access to the station from the hotel is along the path and through the subway, which you may be able to see. This leads directly onto the platform. For the next step the line will need to be fenced off, and an access road needs to be built in front of the hotel once it is properly sited. Click on picture to see larger version.

The Brewery -part 2

I decided that the brewery needed a yard, and a rail siding into the yard but not one that prevented vehicle access. The rails are sunk into the tarmac of the yard, so vehicle movements are not restricted.

Most breweries had rail access to bring in the raw materials for the brewing. Burton on Trent is a classic case, there used to be railways everywhere in that town, crossing streets between breweries.

My rail access is a siding off the goods shed, so only short trains can get in. The next step will be to fence off the yard, once I can find a source of suitable fencing material.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

The Brewery

Just a quick couple of pictures showing the recently constructed brewery (that Heather bought me for Christmas). This is a Metcalfe kit. You can click on the pictures to see bigger versions.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Model Building for the layout

Morgan the cat is very interested and tries to help, as I am building one of my Christmas Presents, a Metcalfe Kit Model Engine Shed and Workshop. We are cutting out the glazing here.

The kit consists of an engine shed and a workshop building, the workshop building has not been added yet. A couple of loco's have been added for effect. More ballasting of the track needs to be done as only small sections are done, it being a difficult job.