Friday, 7 May 2021

The Canal Scene - Part 2

Having constructed the base, the barge and the first building it was time to move on the building 2, this had a few extra bits such as Steps and extra walls to deal with. Here is Building B being constructed and in place in the box. The side of Building B slots into Building A which fills the back wall of the box. A bit of Velcro on the back wall of these building will hold the backscene in place when the box lid is raised. The infill between the tracks isn't yet in place but will be added later.

Having finished the first two building it is time to start building C which will fit over the tracks at the left hand side of the box. This has an extra part on the side which is a hoist that hangs over the canal, so material can be hoisted straight from a barge into the building.

There are green doors which can be fitted to the lower part of the buildin, but if you want the model to fit in the box then these doors have to be fitted in the open position with only the backs visible.
Next comes the Hoist that fits on the front of this building. Here it is being constructed, and then in place in the box. Remember if you click on the images you can see a larger version

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