Friday, 7 May 2021

The Canal Scene - part 3 (the last bit)

Well we have three buildings in the yard now but the exit on the right needs to be completed, this is done with two bridges, one over the canal and one over the railway. Added at a slight angle, there is a bit of pavement on top.
And we are almost there, this was quite a lot of work from a downloaded plan costing £10 from Just add a suitable loco and truck, a few signs on the buildings and a street name. The final touches can include adding a bit if greenery around the fence and the base of the bridge, but I had nothing suitable for by the fence. The fence isn't part of the kit it was purchased separately for another project, but I had enough to use some here. When the back wall of the box file is vertical you can see the backscene that comes with the kit.
Thats it for now. Not everything worked totally as well as I had hoped, the key is the quality and thickness of the card you use. If I could find better card I could rebuild it, since once you have downloaded the kit you can use it as often as you like. And just as I finish, what should arrive in the post but a bag of ballast. So it's back to the main model, and time to run a few trains before we add more ballast. That's all for now though.

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